How to Start your Laser Nano-Perforation Project?

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April 1, 2021

A few years ago, our laser perforation systems were secondary to the perforation line. Something has changed lately. New technologies and the increased demand for new products have created an exciting business opportunity in the laser nano-drilling segment. We have identified the need and made sure we can offer the best solutions.
Today, laser nano-drilling is one of the strengths of the Feldman ST. We have already seen significant growth in 2021.

What is laser nano-perforation?

Laser nano-perforation is the making of microscopic holes in various types of films using laser energy. The minimum hole size is 80 microns in diameter, but the current standard for industrial applications is about 100 microns, equivalent to the average thickness of a human hair.

Laser technology is based on the accumulation of focused light at a minimum point in space. This accumulation of energy is so immense that it can vaporize materials such as polymers and cellulose. Vaporization takes place in a controlled manner and in a minor point, allowing nano-perforations of excellent dimensional quality without negatively affecting the surrounding material.

What are the benefits of laser nano-perforation?

  • Only laser technology can achieve a minimum hole size, due to the different optical configurations.
  • It does not generate waste! It does not require consumables and is environmentally friendly.
  • Proper laser application can perforate the most common materials / laminates used in the packaging industry.
  • It can get very close holes of great precision without any damage to the surrounding material.
  • It has high drilling speed and easy application for inline processes without the need to stop.
  • The use of laser nano-drilling in food packaging prolongs the life of perishable products such as fruit and vegetables.

How to start the laser nano-perforation project?

You need to define the diameter and spacing of the nano-perforations needed for your application. Depending on this diameter and the substrate material, the type of laser, power and optics required will be selected.
Once selected, an optimization of the laser parameters is performed (power, pulse, frequency, separation, etc.).
It is highly recommended to perform an inspection using a digital microscope of the result to check the quality of the nano perforations.
It’s that easy!
Give us a call and we will help you choose the best laser nano perforation solution for you.

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