Efficient & Fast Response for Any Request – We Use MRO for FST Warehouse Management

Written by: Batya Feldman

November 23, 2021

Most production processes rely on manufacturing and industrial machines, which require maintenance and spare parts, always ready for use. For companies, it is essential to keep these machines always running, avoiding production stops, which can create delays and economic damage. Therefore, it becomes necessary to ensure the availability of spare parts in case of need and normal wear of the units.

Feldman ST has carefully studied this issue to offer better service to our customers and keep us efficient. We decided to use the MRO method (“Maintenance, Repair, and Operating”), ensuring that the company always has the equipment, parts, materials, and supplies, especially now when we experience historical widespread trustworthiness re-insertion of raw materials. Thanks to this method, and despite the worldwide lack of raw materials, we have a complete and ready-to-be dispatched stock against received orders.

The method of warehouse management guarantees fast delivery on any spare part for punchers and rewinders. This method aims to ensure the availability of the proper inventory in the right place and at the right time to guarantee customer satisfaction! Our warehouse is always at your disposal, and prompt delivery is our strength thanks to this method and the attention we put into it!

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