Case Study: Technoova Macplast

Written by: Paola Pireddu

May 14, 2024

Macroforatore Feldmann

When selling one of our machines, we usually ask customers some questions, to find out the reasons why they chose us, our products, and our services, but also to understand if everything went as they expected and to improve, if necessary, aspects to work on emerged.

FST-P4 model macro punching unit

The macro-perforation unit is a machine particularly suitable for macro perforating heat shrink film, low density polyethylene, plastic films in general and paper.

First, we asked Technoova Macplast, one of the main companies in the sector of technical films for industrial packaging, the reason for their purchase.

Macplast chose our macro punching solution to address a new segment of customers.

Chosen, not by chance.

Macplast reveals to us that it carried out careful market research before choosing our solution, which “won” thanks to the quality of the offer and its flexibility, given that the FST-P4 is perfectly capable of supporting multiple macro-drilling configurations.

Excellent return on investment

Macplast tells us that the preparatory phases for the purchase were important both in terms of time and investment. It was necessary to prepare the space in the workshop and the correct structure that would support the macro punching unit.

A quick and effective purchasing process

When we asked how the negotiation and then the purchase of our machine went, we were happy to hear that the process was fast and effective, with just 48 hours needed for installation and commissioning.

Objectives achieved

Macplast says it is satisfied with having chosen us: the machine did not present any problems and completely conformed to expectations. An excellent return on their investment.

And finally, the ritual question:

How satisfied are you with the experience with the FELDMAN ST?

  1. Not at all
  2. A little
  3. Enough
  4. A lot

Thanks to Macplast for his valuable testimony!

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