About Us

Feldman Systems & Technologies – All you Need for Industrial Packaging Solutions

FST design and produces innovative solutions for Industrial punching, cutting, rewinding, and printing. Our range of products and accessories excels in punching holes and shapes in running materials.

Customer service is embedded into FST corporate culture; we offer complete after-sales support to ensure installation and smooth operation.

FST was established in 2018 by Moshe Feldman, a seasoned industrial packaging executive for over 30 years. Previously to FST, Moshe was a director of global sales and business intelligence. His extensive international business network enabled him to serve his customers and provide their requirements to the highest standard.

FST quickly grew while providing innovative products and support services to customers from Mexico, India, South Africa, and the USA. We are expanding to new geographies while keeping the highest technical and commercial offerings.

The industrial packaging industry is constantly changing, and FST doesn’t lag. We are continually looking for new solutions to improve our machines, using the most advanced laser technology to make our end product faster, cheaper to produce, and more reliable.

FST design, manufacture and sell industrial packaging machinery to OEMs, producers, transformers, and packers using flexible plastic films.

Our line of products:

Punching and perforation systems for moving web. Mechanic, needles, and laser (all holes of any size or shape). Rewinders of stretch film for pallet wrapping and cling, paper, and aluminum included (all transformation solutions like pre-stretch, mini-rolls, embossing, and more). Pallet-wrap printers.

FST is also developing new products in collaboration with global market leaders: small-scale extruders, bag-making machines, and cast lines for stretch and CCP.

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