Author: elena

industrial plastic packaging machines
  • January 19, 2022

    Eco Sustainability and Feldman – Combining Innovation, Technology, and Practicality

    There’s a growing concern regarding the consequences of the use of plastic on the environment. Many commercial companies are already choosing “ecological” packaging materials or recycled materials and aspiring to achieve real eco-sustainability. The aim is to combine a minimum environmental impact with the practicality of plastic devices for consumers. All the above create an operative need for eco-friendly packaging materials and technologies. We, in Feldman ST, design our machines, products, and solution to process different materials for biodegradable packaging. Eco-sustainability is a part of the production process, and Feldman ST is aware of it. Our zero clearance tools used to be disposable, but not anymore. Feldman ST has developed an innovative practice that allows to sharpen punches and dies, making them new and replaceable. FST can meet the needs of its customers and the planet, combining technology, practicality, and sustainability.

  • December 1, 2021

    Feldman ST Welcomes 2022

    Innovation, Creating Value, and flexibility Allow Us to Face the Challenges The prolonged Covid-19 pandemic redefined our lives and brought many challenges like extra cautions and hesitant customers, procurement of raw materials, restrictions on transportation, and widespread uncertainty. All the above changed the way we work and manage. Feldman ST keeps being flexible and attentive to the changes and our customers’ requests and needs despite the continuous obstacles. We are ready to face the new year’s challenges and enthusiastically look forward. Therefore, we produce a printed calendar for 2022 to accompany our customers, suppliers, and us in these new challenges! If you’re interested in having it, pinging us, and we will send it to you. Agility, innovation, creating meaningful benefits to our customers, and flexibility will continue to be our keywords.