Acoustic Booth for Industrial Perforating Machines

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octubre 10, 2020

Latest certified acoustic test shows that Feldman ST perforators machines are exceptionally quiet:

– Industrial noise monitoring is an essential factor in industrial machinery development. Feldman ST integrates reduction of decibels into its designs from the outset. We are now proud to publish independently audited results of noise output, conducted and certified by SCM in relation to our perforator.

– The infographic illustrates these results. SCM examined the perforator machine both encased and with our soundproof booth. The results exceeded our expectations. The acoustic booth reduces noise levels between 20% to 43%.

– It can be hard and expensive to comply with regulatory standards concerning noise levels without impeding the workings of heavy industrial equipment. Our design delivers compliance at a reasonable cost with no effect on the efficiency of the equipment.

Stimulated by the clear-cut results of noise reduction, Feldman ST now invites operators of noisy machines industrial to contact us and learn more about our soundproof booth.

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