Only at K Fair 2022! What we present at Düsseldorf…

Written by: Paola Pireddu

octubre 18, 2022

Electromagnetic punching unit

FST is proud to launch PSF SLIT PRO: the first fully automated mini rolls rewinder. It is currently not possible to automatically produce mini rolls with rewinding machines.PSF SLIT PRO This year at the K fair, Feldman ST will present the new rewinder in which the operator’s task is only to:

  • load the cores into the hopper
  • load the jumbo roll
  • collect the finished mini rolls.

For everything else, the machine produces automatically and does not require any other operation.

Electromagnetic punching unitFST-EM: Feldman ST has over 30 years of punching experience. Of the two currently existing punching technologies, pneumatic and electromagnetic, Feldman ST only offered the former one. Moshe Feldman, FST’S founder and CEO say today: “Since there are customers who prefer one over the other and applications for which the other is better than one, Feldman ST has decided to propose and present its new electromagnetic perforator at the K Fair”. Feldman noted: “It’s a benefit that we can offer to our customers, to adapt their current pneumatic punching system to work in the electromagnetic version”.

Sar Multi

SAR MULTI: Despite the evolution of the rewinders market, customers still need to have a semi-automatic machine. We propose a universal one of 1000mm width, which produces all types of existing and requires rolls (except coreless) and which can be used both for production and for correction of defective rolls (not aligned, with wrong winding direction, or with collapsed cardboard core).

N.O.A.: For several years, Feldman ST has been producing laser punching systems for controlled atmosphere packaging. The hole made with laser on film extends the life of the vegetables inside the packaging. The hole’s presence and size are fundamental, and the lack of a hole or a diameter out of tolerance is enough for the packaging not to be longer suitable. Precisely for this reason, Feldman ST has successfully developed, tested, and installed the system called N.O.A. (No Operator Adjustment), with which the perforation is measured in real-time: if there is a defect in terms of presence or size, the correction of the fault takes place automatically by constantly monitoring the process, with tracking available in case of complaints.

Please come to our booth F90 in Hall 3 to watch all the above mentioned stuff in function!

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