Category: Cling Film Rewinding

máquinas industriales de envasado de plástico
  • julio 5, 2022

    Is it Time to Update your Machine’s Software?

    FST is inviting its clients to join participate in our updating campaign. If you’re not sure whether it’s time to update or you’re not sure when was the last time you updated your machine’s software, contact us today. We will advise if an update is required and walk you through the simple process.

  • julio 12, 2021

    Innovative Rewinding Machine with Cross Tear Perforation

    We are very excited to present the new model of film transversal perforation unit for catering cling film. After a long research and development process, Feldman’s partners, Class Engineering, just launched a brand new machine. We, in Feldman ST believe that innovation is a critical factor for growth and the creation of new products and constantly improve the offering to market and clients.

  • marzo 17, 2021

    Simply the Highest Production Output on the Market

    Feldman Systems and Technologies, thanks to our Russian partner, Class Engineering, is in a position to offer you the machine with the highest production capacity of mini rolls available on the global market (for standard market formats). Watch the video of our PSF-011 MS Pro: