Feldman ST designs and produces innovative solutions for flexible industrial packaging, including perforation, cutting, rewinding, and printing. We offer perforators for plastic film; rewinders for stretch film, aluminium, and baking paper; industrial printing machines for stretch film and adhesive tapes.

imballaggio industriale flessibile


We design and produce innovative solutions for flexible industrial packaging, including perforation, cutting, rewinding, and printing.


Founded in 2018 by Moshe Feldman, an expert industrial packaging manager, Feldman has quickly established itself on the international packaging scene thanks to a vast commercial network that allows for prompt and reactive service and a widespread presence.

Currently, we provide innovative products and support services to customers mainly from Europe, South America, the United States and Oceania, with a view to new geographical areas.

imballaggio industriale flessibile


MOSHE – Founder and Administrator

He was born professionally in the plastic sector, where he grew, gaining thirty years of experience.

In 1995, he founded and managed a company that became, thanks to his guidance and the commercial network he created, a world leader in producing machinery for flexible plastic packaging.

In 2018, Moshe created the company registered in his name combining his knowledge, solidity, integrity, transparency, and attention to the customer, which have always distinguished those who work with him.

He speaks Hebrew, English, Italian and Spanish.

CRISTINA – Purchasing and Logistics Manager

With important previous experience in a large Italian design group, with over one hundred years of history, he brings to Feldman his organizational spirit and patience in managing resources, goods, and documents.

She speaks Italian and English.

BARBARA – Administration and Accounting Manager

He worked for years as a warehouse manager for an important Italian company and then as an administrative manager for a company, our electrical supply partner.

For Feldman it is the point of reference for ordinary accounting.

PAOLA – Sales and Communication Manager

With an economic background and experience first in the organization of international conferences in the aerospace field and then as a salesperson in the aeronautical field, she has worked in the plastics sector with Moshe Feldman since 2014, which, thanks to her commercial aptitude, she is today the Manager of Sales and Communication.

She speaks Italian, English, French and Spanish.

MARCO – Sales Technician

Combining experience as a machinist in the rubber-plastic sector and as a transport employee in a large international shipping company, in Feldman he holds the role of Sales Technician, specializing in pre- and post-sales assistance, customer service, installations, and maintenance.

He speaks Italian and English.

MATTEO – Research and Development Technician for new products

Having graduated in the mechanical sector, he began his working career at Feldman, acquiring experience and knowledge on many aspects of the world of plastics. Today, thanks to his enthusiasm and commitment, he coordinates the development and implementation of new technologies.

He speaks Italian and English.


L’industria dell’imballaggio industriale è in continua evoluzione. Siamo continuamente alla ricerca di nuove soluzioni per l’imballaggio, che rendano più performanti le nostre macchine e più soddisfatti i nostri clienti.

Ricerchiamo e applichiamo tecnologie avanzate e innovative per gli obiettivi di:

  • Efficientare i processi
  • Ridurre i tempi morti
  • Aumentare l’efficienza energetica
  • Aumentare l’efficienza produttiva
  • Aumentare la sicurezza
  • Aumentare la qualità del prodotto finito
  • Fornirvi un vantaggio competitivo