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Machines d'emballage plastique industrielles
  • août 24, 2023

    Are You Ready to Plast?

    Feldman’s team is ready and excited to meet you all at the Plast exhibition in Milan, Italy (September 5-8, 2023). We will wait for you at Hall 15 Booth D 152, showcasing our products like Macro and Laser perforation and Live Stretch film mini-roll production. Check out the video we prepared or visit FST’s state-of-the-art line of products and preview your visit on our site. We are looking forward to meeting at Plast.  

  • novembre 29, 2022

    TEMAC & FELDMAN ST & MICROFORA – Collaboration with Results

    FST is proud to expose the fruitful collaboration with market leaders TEMAC and Microfora. After a few busy months, we just delivered the complete inline system to one of the leading converters of packaging materials in South Italy. The complete system includes: Slitting machine by TEMAC, at the two ends of the line (Unwinded and Slitter). Macro punching unit by FST, in the middle of the line (It’s a macro-punching unit model FST-P5 1400mm wide, with 20 punching tools to make holes diam. 6mm and 8mm.) Hot micro punching unit by Microfora positioned on top of the Unwinder  Watch the video to see the smoothness and synergy in action:  

  • juillet 5, 2022

    Is it Time to Update your Machine’s Software?

    FST is inviting its clients to join participate in our updating campaign. If you’re not sure whether it’s time to update or you’re not sure when was the last time you updated your machine’s software, contact us today. We will advise if an update is required and walk you through the simple process.

  • mars 3, 2022

    Needle Micro Perforation and Longitudinal Slits: All in One Accessory

    Feldman ST is proud to present the new and improved model of our cold needle micro-perforation and longitudinal slits single unit. FST offers a single unit for cold needle micro-perforation and longitudinal slots.  You can count on the advantage of having all in one accessory. This How We Do it: Longitudinal Slits FST produces two versions of the unit: Passive, which is driven by the web movement, the second, Active, which is motorized to sync with web speed. Call us today to learn which of the models is suitable for you.

  • août 30, 2021

    All the Holes you Need

    Choose size and form – we provide the technology Feldman ST specializes in designing innovative machines and accessories to form holes and cuts on moving webs. Various dimensions require different technologies. To ease your research, just let us know the hole and cut size, and we will offer you the technology that fits your requirements. Take a look at this table that sums up simply how it all works: We will wait for your call for further assistance and quotation for the best solution for you

  • août 9, 2021

    A New Feldman’s ST Macro Perforation Unit is (almost) Ready!

    Feldman ST can’t wait to expose our new high-speed macro perforation unit, MODEL FST P5, designed to produce packaging materials. The new model will have no competition when it comes to optimizing production. We don’t reveal all the information yet, but we can share that the new macro-perforation unit is producing: 60 holes per second diameter from 3 to 40 mm Dramatic noise reduction (from 97.5 dB to 68.2 dB) And there are more innovative improvements!! Get comfortable and watch the video: We will officially launch the new model in September 2021

  • octobre 10, 2020

    Acoustic Booth for Industrial Perforating Machines

    Latest certified acoustic test shows that Feldman ST perforators machines are exceptionally quiet: – Industrial noise monitoring is an essential factor in industrial machinery development. Feldman ST integrates reduction of decibels into its designs from the outset. We are now proud to publish independently audited results of noise output, conducted and certified by SCM in relation to our perforator. – The infographic illustrates these results. SCM examined the perforator machine both encased and with our soundproof booth. The results exceeded our expectations. The acoustic booth reduces noise levels between 20% to 43%. – It can be hard and expensive to comply with regulatory standards concerning noise levels without impeding the workings of heavy industrial equipment. Our design delivers compliance at a reasonable cost with no effect on the efficiency of the equipment. Stimulated by the clear-cut results of noise reduction, Feldman ST now invites operators of noisy machines industrial to [...]