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Feldman ST has carefully studied production processes that rely on manufacturing and industrial machines, which require maintenance and spare parts, always ready for us. We use the MRO method (“Maintenance, Repair, and Operating”), ensuring we always have the equipment, parts, materials, and supplies. Thanks to this method, and despite the worldwide lack of raw materials, we have a complete and ready-to-be-dispatched stock against received orders which guarantees fast delivery on any spare part for punchers and rewinders.

Our warehouse is always at your disposal, and prompt delivery is our strength, thanks to this method and the attention we put into it!

What To Expect Us


With our “Maintenance, Repair, and Operating” method, we ensure to always have the equipment, parts, materials, and supplies

High Availability

Ample supply of parts is always in stock ready to ship at a moments notice

Customer Support

We are always available to respond and supply anything our clients need

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