Our Products

FST is a one-stop shop offering turnkey projects for customized high-end industrial packaging, slitting, rewinding, and printing machines and accessories.

By punching and cutting holes of different diameters and shapes, in existing forms or in customized, FST’s line of products addresses the needs of three industrial categories:

  • Perforating, cutting, or punching in a wide range of moving materials
  • Rewinding
  • Pallet-wrap Stretch Film Printing

We design, develop, and produce custom-made or a-la-carte machines, units, and accessories by deploying a variety of innovative mechanics, engineering, and technologies.


Slits and cuts come in different formats depending on customer requirements. Blade rollers create the slits while the material is …
Spare Parts
Feldman ST has carefully studied production processes that rely on manufacturing and industrial machines, which require maintenance and spare parts, always …

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