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FST is a one-stop shop offering turnkey projects for customized high-end industrial packaging, slitting, rewinding, and printing machines and accessories.

By punching and cutting holes of different diameters and shapes, in existing forms or in customized, FST’s line of products addresses the needs of three industrial categories:

  • Perforating, cutting, or punching in a wide range of moving materials
  • Rewinding
  • Pallet-wrap Stretch Film Printing

We design, develop, and produce custom-made or a-la-carte machines, units, and accessories by deploying a variety of innovative mechanics, engineering, and technologies.


In the industrial packaging sector, we produce perforation systems on moving plastic films, valid for all types of holes of any size or shape:

  • Mechanical punching
  • Needle and laser perforation

Furthermore, we offer:

  • Stretch film rewinders for pallet wrapping, for household film, paper, and aluminium
  • Film transformation solutions for packaging such as pre-stretch, mini-roll, coreless, embossing etc.
  • Printing machines for stretch film and adhesive tapes.


With holes and cuts of different diameters and shapes, in existing or custom-made shapes, the FST product line satisfies every need of three main industry categories:

  • Punching, cutting, or drilling into a wide variety of materials
  • Rewinding
  • Printing on stretch film

Thanks to the collaboration with selected international partners, we also offer:

  • Small scale extruders
  • Machines to produce bags
  • Casting lines for stretch film and CCP

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We place great emphasis on customer service by offering comprehensive after-sales support to ensure smooth installation, operation, and maintenance.


Feldman designs, manufactures, and sells industrial packaging machinery to OEMs, manufacturers, converters, and packagers who use flexible plastic films.


Nano Holes
The laser beam creates the nano holes while the material moves in the diameter range of 80 to 250 microns. …
Micro Holes
Micro holes are in the diameter range of 0,5mm to 2mm. Cold or hot pins create holes while the material …
Macro Holes
Macro holes are in the diameter range of 3mm to 100mm. Punch and die create the holes while the material …
perforation systems on moving plastic film
Shaped Holes
Shaped holes come in different shapes and form commonly used on the market or custom designed. Punch and die create …
Slits and cuts come in different formats depending on customer requirements. Blade rollers create the slits while the material is …
A laser beam creates Scoring & Easy Open (process to facilitate the opening of sealed bags) while the material is …
Rewinding Machines
We design and produce high speed rewinders (rewinding-machines) for PE/PVC stretch film and other materials on roll.. The rewinding inventory …
Printing machines for flexible packaging
Printing Machines
FST supplies printing machines for flexible packaging. Deployment is easy and quick and doesn’t require unusual resources or skilled personnel. …
Spare Parts
Feldman ST has carefully studied production processes that rely on manufacturing and industrial machines, which require maintenance and spare parts, always …

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