Mulch Film Punching for Intensive Cultures

Written by: Batya Feldman

Janeiro 14, 2021

In Feldman, we give special attention to the agricultural sector and offer a line of solutions to this segment. Agriculture made a significant leap in the past decade. New technologies and methods made it easier to grow and distribute fresh agricultural produce. New biodegradable and thinner films are already a common sight on the ground. Even the pandemic did not stop it. Farmers and crop distributors were always entrepreneurs, forced to find solutions to unexpected conditions. Now more than ever, there are solutions to make farming smarter a more cost-effective.

Feldman’s punching machine makes the holes according to the client’s specification. Complete holes, perforated ones with different diameter and concentration, thinner yet highly resistant, films are our specialty.

For us in Feldman ST, winter is the hottest season facing our agricultural clients.

We are here to supply punching machines, spare parts (if you already have a machine), and maintenance services.

We are waiting for your call.

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    TEMAC & FELDMAN ST & MICROFORA – Collaboration with Results

    FST is proud to expose the fruitful collaboration with market leaders TEMAC and Microfora. After a few busy months, we just delivered the complete inline system to one of the leading converters of packaging materials in South Italy. The complete system includes: Slitting machine by TEMAC, at the two ends of the line (Unwinded and Slitter). Macro punching unit by FST, in the middle of the line (It’s a macro-punching unit model FST-P5 1400mm wide, with 20 punching tools to make holes diam. 6mm and 8mm.) Hot micro punching unit by Microfora positioned on top of the Unwinder  Watch the video to see the smoothness and synergy in action:  

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    The Punching Challenge

    FST specializes in producing industrial punching and cutting solutions. While most of the global demand for punching applications and solutions is similar, some requests differ. Lately, one of FST’s customers required a unique unit to work on a foam extruder, with the following specifications: Material Foam Thickness 2mm Hole Diameter 3mm Hole Spacing 15mm Number of Punches 68 The challenge was exciting and completed successfully! If you need a particular punching application, FST will gladly pick up the challenge; together, we will design and produce a tailored-made reliable solution. Contact us today to learn more about how easily you can get the exact solution you need.

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    Is it Time to Update your Machine’s Software?

    FST is inviting its clients to join participate in our updating campaign. If you’re not sure whether it’s time to update or you’re not sure when was the last time you updated your machine’s software, contact us today. We will advise if an update is required and walk you through the simple process.