Category: Laser Perforation

  • Julho 5, 2022

    Is it Time to Update your Machine’s Software?

    FST is inviting its clients to join participate in our updating campaign. If you’re not sure whether it’s time to update or you’re not sure when was the last time you updated your machine’s software, contact us today. We will advise if an update is required and walk you through the simple process.

  • Março 25, 2022

    FST-L2 Laser System for Web Scoring on Bag-Making Machines

    We are pleased to announce FST-L2 Laser system for web scoring on bag-making machines. The new system benefits: Saving one production phase: No need for additional slitter rewinders or dedicated machines for laser processing 100% quality control: Constant view on the final product enable correction of defects Easy alignment: Simple process for laser heads alignment. Configuration of two parallel close scoring lines is also available Pattern configurations: Pattern of perforation, scoring, small holes punching, or any other demand done by high-performance electronic control. Web speed control: Laser intensity variates according to the web speed to assure the consistent quality of scoring depth. Tear notch built-in: There is no need for a tear notch accessory; the system produces an alternative to traditional film cutting methods. Easy alignment: Simple process for laser heads alignment. Configuration of two parallel close scoring lines is also available Adaptable to pouch machine, can be mounted on a mobile trolley [...]

  • Fevereiro 10, 2022

    Packing Fresh Vegetables and Fruit? FST Can Help you do it Better

    Laser holed flex-film proved the best method for packaging fruit and vegetables. The punctured and flexible film pack increases the products’ shelf life and keeps them fresh and tasty. However, it’s not enough to create a few holes on a film and pack to exploit the method’s benefits. FST analysis revealed that different vegetables and fruits require a “personalized” pack. Using the correct size and space between the holes for each fruit or vegetable will bring the desired result. FST has this data and can advise our clients regarding their needs. By the way, we also discovered that some fruit and vegetables are pretty spoiled and, if packed in the laser-holed film, will quickly ripe and rote. Here are the frequent questions we often get regarding laser-holed packaging. Q. How to make the holes? A. This is done by Laser light. Q. Can I control the dimensions and the location [...]

  • Agosto 30, 2021

    All the Holes you Need

    Choose size and form – we provide the technology Feldman ST specializes in designing innovative machines and accessories to form holes and cuts on moving webs. Various dimensions require different technologies. To ease your research, just let us know the hole and cut size, and we will offer you the technology that fits your requirements. Take a look at this table that sums up simply how it all works: We will wait for your call for further assistance and quotation for the best solution for you

  • Agosto 9, 2021

    A New Feldman’s ST Macro Perforation Unit is (almost) Ready!

    Feldman ST can’t wait to expose our new high-speed macro perforation unit, MODEL FST P5, designed to produce packaging materials. The new model will have no competition when it comes to optimizing production. We don’t reveal all the information yet, but we can share that the new macro-perforation unit is producing: 60 holes per second diameter from 3 to 40 mm Dramatic noise reduction (from 97.5 dB to 68.2 dB) And there are more innovative improvements!! Get comfortable and watch the video: We will officially launch the new model in September 2021

  • Julho 5, 2021

    Give it a Try!

    Feldman’s revolutionary model of the Laser LSR-3 for punching and cutting packaging material offers outstanding capabilities. Now, with the relief of COVID-19 restrictions, we invite you not to take our words for it but try it yourself, in person or virtually. You are welcome to visit, closely check the unit, especially Feldman’s innovative vision system, and personally test your specific raw material. If you have trouble traveling, you can check your material remotely. Please send us a sample of your raw material and schedule a video demonstration of the production process. Next, we will send back your punched material for close examination. We are sure you will be astonished by the results! Laser LSR-3 live video:

  • Abril 22, 2021

    Check-Up the Feldman STs’ Cutting-Edge Nano Hole Laser Perforator

    We are very proud to introduce our innovative nanohole laser, which presents unprecedented performance. Here are a few of the benefits and strength: Four lasers and a vision system inside. High speed of holes creating – 250 meters/minute. Holes created on average of 100 microns in diameter. (this can be achieved only with laser rays). Holes are hardly seen by the naked eye (a vision system is crucial for holes and dimensions assurance). Hole corrections done while running!! Data recording of the final product and store photos of the nanoholes to assure top quality. Nano holes offer the most extended shelf life for fresh and clean foods (the nanoholes enable an exchange of gases between the package and the outside air).   Contact us today for more information: TEL: +39 0322 259529 E-MAIL:

  • Abril 1, 2021

    How to Start your Laser Nano-Perforation Project?

    A few years ago, our laser perforation systems were secondary to the perforation line. Something has changed lately. New technologies and the increased demand for new products have created an exciting business opportunity in the laser nano-drilling segment. We have identified the need and made sure we can offer the best solutions. Today, laser nano-drilling is one of the strengths of the Feldman ST. We have already seen significant growth in 2021. What is laser nano-perforation? Laser nano-perforation is the making of microscopic holes in various types of films using laser energy. The minimum hole size is 80 microns in diameter, but the current standard for industrial applications is about 100 microns, equivalent to the average thickness of a human hair. Laser technology is based on the accumulation of focused light at a minimum point in space. This accumulation of energy is so immense that it can vaporize materials such [...]

  • Outubro 10, 2020

    Acoustic Booth for Industrial Perforating Machines

    Latest certified acoustic test shows that Feldman ST perforators machines are exceptionally quiet: – Industrial noise monitoring is an essential factor in industrial machinery development. Feldman ST integrates reduction of decibels into its designs from the outset. We are now proud to publish independently audited results of noise output, conducted and certified by SCM in relation to our perforator. – The infographic illustrates these results. SCM examined the perforator machine both encased and with our soundproof booth. The results exceeded our expectations. The acoustic booth reduces noise levels between 20% to 43%. – It can be hard and expensive to comply with regulatory standards concerning noise levels without impeding the workings of heavy industrial equipment. Our design delivers compliance at a reasonable cost with no effect on the efficiency of the equipment. Stimulated by the clear-cut results of noise reduction, Feldman ST now invites operators of noisy machines industrial to [...]