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Máquinas industriais de embalagens plásticas
  • Outubro 31, 2023

    Plástico hoje e amanhã

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  • Outubro 9, 2023


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  • Setembro 20, 2023

    Building Connections in the Plastic Industry

    PLAST exhibition, which coincided with the end of the summer holiday season, may not have seemed like the ideal time for a business event. However, Feldman Systems and Technologies (FST) had a pleasant surprise awaiting us: a remarkable turnout at our booth that exceeded our expectations. Our Women in Plastics event drew in dozens of women executives from the plastic industry, creating a vibrant and engaging network. It became abundantly clear that the women in the plastic sector were eager to collaborate, share insights, and support each other's businesses. This discovery has fueled our determination to continue fostering connections among women in the industry. In the wake of the exhibition, we are excited to convert these promising leads into tangible business opportunities. The inquiries and requests we've received were both numerous and diverse. We are fully committed to addressing each one of them promptly. We understand that some of you [...]

  • Setembro 8, 2023

    Celebrating “Women in Plastics” during PLAST Fair

    We are delighted to share the highlights of an extraordinary Feldman Systems and Technologies event organized during this year's PLAST Fair in Milan. This unique gathering was dedicated to celebrating the achievements of women in the plastics industry. It all began with an article written by our sales manager Paola Pireddu, published in the special edition, Women in Plastics, in the prominent magazine "techno PLAST" in January/February 2023. Paola was listed among the TOP 30 women in the plastics industry in Italy. After the article's publication, Paola had a brilliant idea—to bring together all the remarkable women featured in the magazine's special edition. This vision created an informal association called "Women in Plastics." To make this dream a reality, FST gathered all these accomplished women for a special lunch during the PLAST Fair. It was a memorable gathering. The Women in Plastics event, which took place on September 7th, was [...]

  • Janeiro 1, 2023

    TecnoPlast N° 1 Janeiro/Fevereiro

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  • Novembro 1, 2022

    TecnoFood N° 6 Novembro/Dezembro – 2022

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  • Fevereiro 24, 2021

    Revista Macplast

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