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  • April 17, 2023

    Looking for IHM / BMA / MAL / MALI Punching Units Spare Parts? FST Holds an Inventory!

    Many manufacturers struggle to find spare parts for IHM / BMA / MAL / MALI punching units. We are happy to announce the Feldman ST holds stock of improved spares! Complete tools: Distinct components: Improved and easy to manage to die design with exchangeable/disposable inserts: Extract the insert with a dedicated magnet, Trash the old / used insert, Push a new insert into the housing, The new die is ready to use! We also offer Retrofit / Modernization of old units by exchanging electronic control and air actuating (electric valves). Your punching unit will become new again with: Touch Screen electronics Photocell for printed material Encoder for accurate positioning of holes on the film Individual activation and power control for every punch Receipt saving Contact us today for more information.

  • March 8, 2023

    Extending the Shelf Life of Fresh Vegetables with FST Products and Technology

    Extending the Shelf Life of Fresh Vegetables with Feldman ST Products and Technology The technology and products of Feldman ST bring significant value to its customers, as demonstrated by the company Marpack srl, in the Italian province of Salerno. The region under the Vesuvius volcano is renowned for its intensive agriculture, particularly in vegetables. Marpack srl designs experiments locally to create high-quality packaging materials for its customers. With Feldman ST punching units for tray covers and laser perforators for modified atmosphere packaging of fresh vegetables, they can extend the shelf life of their products. Providing the best packaging for each crop ensures high-quality and fresh produce for customers. Feldman ST's punching unit technology allows precise punching of trays, resulting in packaging that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. The laser nano-perforator creates micro-perforations in the film, allowing the controlled release of gases and extending the shelf life of the vegetables. [...]